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Here you can find our members and some info about their bus .


Name : Vermeulen Tom    Country : Belgium

Bus info :D.O.B.: 20 januari 1966   Color : Cumulus White / Sea Blue   Engine : 1300CC

original 6V bus , steeringlock , BN4 Eberspacher heater as options . plans are bigger engine , straight axle kit , and complete restauration in a couple off years . Home made interior . Still mostly original colors.



Name :                                     Country : UK

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1 April 1967    Color : Cumulus White / Sea Blue   Engine : 1600CC Twin port

Resprayed in yellow and white  , IRS with a 1302 beetle gearbox , lowered 12-15 cm , custom interior , original 1967 Blaupunkt radio . Right hand drive.



Name : Dan Epperly        Country : California / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965    Color : Blue White / Sea Blue     Engine : 1776CC

Bus was restored last summer to stock specifications ( exept engine and gearbox) , freeway flyer transmission , Meshgrey interior seats and panels Full lenght middle seat , walk thru model .



Name : Jimi Rowe             Country : UK

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965        Color : Army green (swedish)      Engine : 1600CC

Ex Swedish army bus , will be back on the road with Barndoor wheels and chunky tyres.


Name : Jorge           Country : New Mexico / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1964        Color : Blue White / Turquoise      Engine :

Walktrough model 235 . It was ordered with all seats,panels and factory 2 tone paint job. The bus has the M-codes for all the options. Planning to restore it in a couple of years but getting it running this summer .


Name :   Kristoff Van Der Jeught               Country : Belgium

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1963        Color :                                       Engine : 1600CC SP

Californian import , partly restored ; 14" porsche fuch's  , lowered , home made interior . Plans are getting the bus back to original .


Name : Todd  Williams                Country : Florida / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 16 May 1958       Color : Dove Blue           Engine : okrasa tsv 1300 36hp

logoed as the capital pub from a pub in our states capital district...straight axle split case trans type 3 brakes in rear 4 inch narrowed beam on sprint almost every day and never close the roof


Name : Steve Paterson                 Country : California / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1956        Color : Dove Blue                Engine : Stock 36hp

In restauration . It will be completely stock, with the original crashbox tranny and 36hp engine with the correct number for the month of the bus (February 1956).


Name : Velvetgreen         Country : Ontario / Canada

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1960      Color : Light Grey L345     Engine : 1600CC

70's paintjob . Removing the paint to reveal the original color's. bought in 1994 sold it in 1998 and bought back in 2006. Original imported into Alberta Canada . 


Name : KWZ                      Country : Missouri / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1957           Color : palm green/sand green      Engine : Stock 36hp

Sold new in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. Under restauration for 11 years now . Bus is complete and will be 100%stock when finished. you can follow this project on :


Name : Steve Smart           Country : New Zealand / UK

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965        Color : Army green (swedish)          Engine : 2.2 subaru engine

Soon to be shipped to New Zealand from the UK . Converted to a 5-speed Porsche box with 2.2 Subaru engine.


Name :                                        Country : UK

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1963         Color : Army green (swedish)     Engine : 1641CC

Ex swedish army bus , lowered , custom interior , 1300 gearbox and a Turbo Thomas fully merged stainless header and muffler.


Name : Pete Keesling            Country : California / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: April 1960    Color : Mango Green/Seagull Grey     Engine : stock 40hp

Running a 1200cc engine at the moment but planning to put in a stock 40hp engine again . Purchased from the original owners and came with all history off the bus . Had a Westfalia interior to drive around europe before the owner shipped it to the USA . Mango color still the original color , the grey is repainted . Well preserved bus and a daily driver .


Name : Kenny Jure Jr.             Country : Southern California / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 7 May 1965   Color : Sealing Wax Red / Beige Grey      Engine : 1600CC

Completely restored . Bought from previous owner during the restoration . The bus stayed it's whole life in Socal .



Name : Roberto Preciado        Country : Southern California / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 2 November 1965   Color : L345 Light Grey    Engine : 2027CC

Was originally shipped to Bolivia with an SO-23 Westfalia interior and Mesh Grey seats . Bus is now in Sealingwax Red and Beuge Grey colors but plans are to get it back to stock color. Also will be back on stock height .


Name : Ton              Country : Netherlands

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965       Color : Cumulus White / Sea Blue     Engine : 1776CC

More info to come


Name : Richard Kimbrough             Country : Arizona / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1961       Color : Mango Green / Seagull Grey    Engine : 2013CC

There is some really outdated info at about this bus so check it out . Also on and you can see some more pictures .


Name : Rick Jong                 Country : Netherlands

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1956      Color :                                  Engine :

Ex German police bus . Restored by BBT to stock specifications .


Name : Matt Cuddy               Country : Pennsylvania / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: May 1961    Color : Mouse Grey / Pearl White    Engine : no engine

 It is currently being worked on to get it back on the road….


Name : Pat McCaffery                Country : Colorado / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965     Color :                              Engine : 

More info to come


Name :                                       Country :

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1958      Color : L312 Palm Green / L311 Sand Green   Engine :

Professionally restored to original specifications, many NOS parts. Photo documented. Interior by West Coast Classic. Bob Mohler Transaxle. It left the Volkswagen factory on October 23, 1957.


Name : Emil Hallström               Country : Sweden

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965         Color : Army Green (Swedisch)            Engine :  1500cc

Bus is currently under restoration , it has a 70mm narrowed beam and creative engeneering IRS . Safari windows and six popouts installed , new paint , fuch's wheels . Deluxe trim on its way !!


Name : Jakob Munkhammar               Country : Sweden

Bus info : D.O.B.: 22 august 1965    Color : Army Green (swedish)     Engine : 1600cc

Type: 237 . Double-door. Originally ordered by the Swedish Army. Became a civilian in April 1973. Unused 1977-2007. Currently undergoing a rolling restoration. Plans change all the time...


Name : Rob Fern                         Country : U.K.

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1966              Color : Cumulus White / Sea Blue     Engine : 1776cc

Getting a full resto as we speak and should be done by the end off the year . She was from Dusseldorf and imported to the UK 6 years ago , totally rust and with the sunroof missing. Will be done in Velvet green, staight axle, drop spindles, stock wheels, home made interior , and used as a daily driver.


Name : Simon                            Country : Germany

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1964          Color : Army Green                   Engine : 1776cc

It was a German army bus that was used to fix things for the army . Plans are just enjoying and driving the bus .


Name : Thomas                              Country : Germany

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1966             Color : White                     Engine : 2000cc

More info and pics to come


Name : Kevin Whitford / Tia Allen             Country :  UK

Bus info : D.O.B.: september 1964   Color : army green      Engine : 1600cc

Plans are turning this over to a custom bus , but still keeping the original features. e.g. sunroof definitely being kept and the samba pressings being revealed as a feature.


Name : Mitch                                    Country : California / USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965    Color : Sea Blue / Cumulus White          Engine : unknown

Plans are to get it back to original colors , stock interior , a mild drop and restore the 5 spoke rims . Getting it back to its original Cal-Look glory .


Name : Angel                                          Country : Florida  /  USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965       Color : Velvet green and white             Engine : 1641cc

Plans are to lower the bus, 4 wheel disc brakes, And a custom camper interior.


Name : Adam Debiasi                                       Country : Australia

Bus info : D.O.B.: march 1967   Color : Cumulus white / Sea Bleu      Engine :

Getting to the end of the resto . Not sure when the bus got to aus but it was picked up at the factory by the orig owner


Name : Uwe                                                 Country : Germany

Bus info : D.O.B.: sept 1956     Color : Sand green /Palm green         Engine :

Typ VW 2/28    Fahrgestellnummer: 197764


Name : Olivier                                                 Country : Belgium

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1964           Color : Blauweis L289 / Samtgrün L512   Engine : 1915cc

never restored or repainted bus . Has a rare slide door and SO22 interior. follow what happens with the bus on :


Name :                                                           Country : Netherlands

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1954                       Color :                                      Engine :

Currently for sale at BBT Belgium for the price off 49500€ . It's an older restauration but well done and the bus still looks amazing .


Name :                                                    Country : 

Bus info : D.O.B.:                                Color : Dove Blue                       Engine :

Not much known about this bus . Was at Bad Camberg , if anyone has any info let me know .


Name : Brent Evans                                         Country : California USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1967    Color : Sea Blue and Cumulus White     Engine : 1600cc dual carbs

Some of its many features include the factory sunroof, factory sliding cargo door option, being a genuine European specification Bus with blade bumpers, split bucket taillights with original amber and red lenses, factory locking steering column/fahrt start ignition system, and a kilometer speedometer.  It is also a desirable factory 6 popout window Bus, has had a set of safari windows added, and also features a properly lowered suspension,  built transaxle, Porsche alloys, Old Speed front disc brake conversion, factory 12 volt electrics, all 3 rows of seats. Original salt n peper interior . Had a respray once over the original colors


Name : Ferran                                                 Country : Spain

Bus info : D.O.B.: 9 april 1962  Color : L380 Turquoise/L289 Blue white  Engine : 1.2L  34DIN-PS

the bus is a type 285  with walktru , comogreen panels and seats all original from factory .


Name : Anders                                                               Country : Denmark

Bus info : D.O.B.: 28 aug 1964    Color : special laquer 523610   Engine : 1500 cc

1965 model , bought in Sweden in 2007. Now fitted with original Porsche Cosmic wheels , replica Banjo steering wheel and jailbar on the rear window . Won a peoples choice award at the Bugs Funny 2007 meeting in Copenhagen.


Name : Buzz                                                   Country : UK

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1954     Color :                                    Engine : 1600 cc

It has a 1959 all og westy campingbox interior , original colors with pinstripe , delux dash and og early fuchs, safaris , RHD , ...  Plans are to just use it !!!


Name : George Gombos                                   Country : Hungary

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1965            Color :                                      Engine :


Name : Greg                                           Country : USA

Bus info : D.O.B.: sept 16 1957     Color : PG/SG            Engine : 1600cc 

 Owned this bus since 1976
1976 toured USA counterclockwise
1976-1985 daily driver and lots of touring west of the Rockies
2007-2008 my son used the bus to get to high school
Currently garaged, installing new steering gear and sunroof vinyl




Name : Karen Mizzi                                            Country : Australia

Bus info : D.O.B.: december 1954     Color : Brown/Beige            Engine : Stock 36hp 

RHD delivered to Australia , Beige interior , factory safari windows .

It had a Resto done on it about 20 years ago , and was put away since so it's in great condition with no rust. Planning to keep it like it is stock .



Name : Chris Hall                                               Country : U.K.

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1966                Color : Yellow / Red                         Engine : 1600cc 

Ex Swedisch army bus with double doors. Spent four years doing a full nut and bolt restoration. the bus is mechanically pretty standard with the exception of dual circuit disc brakes and a 1600 engine that was already fitted when I got it.The body was very sound and only needed a small amount of welding .It had 2cm of underseal and seems to have been wax treated in the body panels.I stripped the shell to bare metal, stripped and repaired/reconditioned all the mechanical parts and re painted them before fitting. The shell has been completely repainted inside and underneath.The interior was designed to be as lightweight as possible using birch ply and aluminium tread plate for unit doors etc .We all love it to bits and use it mainly for picnics but have camped with a drive away awning on a number of occasions




 Name : Zelectric Motors                               Country : USA 

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1964    Color : White / Green             Engine : Electric 

very nice rotisserie refurbished 1964 Volkswagen Bus with a factory silding door.One of the first few produced in late 63 with such an option.
This bus came from the factory equipped with a sunroof, sliding door, walk thru, locking steering column and rear seat delete. It was a transitional bus as well with 15" rims and ice pick door handles.Rumored to be only one of three produced with a sliding door and sunroof. But this one also was a walk thru. The bus has lots of unique pieces specfic to the bus. Like other sunroof buses of the era, the inner skylight window stampings are hidden behind the headliner. It was also equipped from the factory with belly pans to stiffin the chassis.
It was not restored perfectly back to stock specifications, close, but with a few upgrades and alterations which could easily be changed for showing.
The L380 Turkis and L289 Blueweiss combination is correctly done and matched to an original sample. Instead of just lightly overspraying the undercarriage, it received a full covering of L380.




Name : Patrick Batsala                               Country : France

Bus info : D.O.B.: 1954       Color :                                    Engine :

In full restoration



Name : Gilly Gill                                               Country : U.K.

Bus Info : D.O.B.: 1965                      Color : Army Green ( swedish )      Engine : cc

In full restoration.


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